Riding a bike

I was driving my 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son home from school the other day and my daughter said, “Dad, I know how to ride my bike and I know how to stop, but I have trouble getting started.”  My 9 year old son felt he could help by adding “Yeah Dad, she doesn’t know how to start.  You just need to start pedaling Mallory.”

I looked over to her.  “He’s right you know.  But it isn’t as easy as he makes it sound.  You see, there may be some people who can just sit on a bike that’s not moving at all, but I know I can’t.  It will fall over.  Use your foot to push off or use the bike pedal, whatever works better for you.  I’ve pushed you before, but you can do it by yourself now.  You just need to have faith that you can ride and push yourself off.  You see, a bike needs to be moving in order to work right.  Do you understand sweetheart?”  She nodded and then said, “I want my training wheels back on.”

“Well,” I chuckled, “we’re not doing that.”  Then I addressed her older brother who was sitting in the back row.  “And it wouldn’t hurt you to help your sister you know…”

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