The Un-Informed American

Dear World,

We don’t know why our government handled our withdrawal from Afghanistan in the manner it did.  Most of the time, we don’t even believe they know why.  We don’t really understand how or why the Pakistanis support the Taliban, why Iranian government officials fund groups who plot to mass murder people, why there are Chinese camps of abuse, how Indians should respond to attacks in the Kashmir region – we’re not exactly sure what the solution looks like or how the Lord will bring it to pass.  We do realize that it is critically important for us to continue trying.

“The World is not ours to keep.  We hold it in trust for future generations.” – Kofi Annan

We didn’t know that we made some agreement with Taliban officials in Qatar, admittedly probably due to the fact that we weren’t paying attention.   In any case, we don’t know why we transitioned out without a UN force replacement, a signed UN Resolution – did we approach the UN about a resolution and peacekeeping force?  We still don’t know.  This article is from last month – claiming this as a copy of a “draft” letter to Taliban from UN.  We agree with you Norway et al, let’s roll – let us not grow weary of doing good.

“More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny.  We can master it only if we face it together.  And that is why we have the United Nations.” – Kofi Annan

We don’t know why we left Afghanistan without fire protection, without getting our civilians and equipment out – it all seems bizarrely poorly managed to us, to say the least.  And we now fear whatever UN Peacekeeping Force is positioned will end up having to combat weapons we left behind.  Our government points fingers at itself, always blaming other people’s misjudgements.  We didn’t know who Zalmay Khalizad was, why we didn’t sign a force agreement with the Afghanis, and we don’t really know what to make of it all.

“I think we agree, the past is over.” – George Bush 

But here is what we do know:

Life is hard enough without people purposefully making it more difficult.  Men and Women are born as children of God, meant to be cherished and loved, and all people have an inalienable right to pursue happiness in this world.  They need to be free to do so, and this noble cause unites good men and women across the globe.  A man has a right to go to work without being blown up, abused, or assaulted.  That’s what we know.  In today’s world of weapons of mass destruction, instant worldwide communication, and international trade increasing the quality of so many lives across the globe, the United Nations has a critical role to play in our future – AS a defender of justice, peace, and security.

“We Mutually Pledge To Each Other Our Lives, our Fortunes, And Our Sacred Honor.” – US Founders