Knights of the Round Table are Secretaries of the Oval Office.  And the Holy Grail is the Great Society.  It is the answer to the question, how does man best govern itself?  It’s the Riddle of the Sphinx.  The riddle is the question: Mankind, in what state does it best achieve balance?  The drive to dominate, the Lion.  The passion to sacrifice for others, the Cow.  The notion of achieving balance, the Man… the head of the sphinx, the mind, is man.  And the riddle: Mankind, in what state does it best achieve balance?  The eagle, the angel, the end state of mankind – what We will become if we dedicate ourselves to revealing the answer.  It is the riddle of the ages, written into the stars, the meaning of our individual lives.

Our Creator is saying:  “Hey you, here’s what I am asking you to do:  Try to do your best to figure out how to make the best mankind, don’t worry I put that one in you – just follow your spirit, use your mind, and dedicate yourself toward trying to accomplish that.”

That is what we are supposed to do in this life – Find an Arthur to pull the sword from the stone, apply vision, remove obstacles, and once again resume our most noblest and holiest of quests, the “Quest for the Holy Grail.”  It’s Mission Impossible, and the only thing we need to do is accept the mission.

We’re all on the quest you know, whether you want to be or not.  We are all a part of mankind, you and I.  We are One Body, did we forget?  Atoms come together to form molecules, molecules form cells, cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form men, and men come together to form… well, Us.

That’s the point, we don’t know yet.  Like our heart can’t see us but still knows to pump blood, so too you and I know what we are supposed to do.  Be good to each other, it was implanted into our DNA.  Anyway, there is some books and stuff on this.  We used to read them.  We used to dedicate a whole day every week to this understanding, just so that we’d be sure never to forget it.

The US.  That’s what we are.  We the People… all of mankind.  We founded an entire nation under this vision.  Our forefathers believed that one day, many cycles in the future, the world would become the US.  Not through military conquest by our individual nation, but through peace, freedom, and the God-given spirit inside of Us.  And so they set out to create a Constitution that would allow us to work on solving the riddle, figure out how best to achieve a Great Society, and find the Holy Grail.

I’m sorry ancestors, forefathers, and grandchildren – I truly am.  I appear to have few Knights to join me.  We forgot what we are, and we bankrupted the US taxing our young to pay for our elderly, taxing our working to pay for our non-working, and then borrowing from our unborn what that didn’t cover… all the while ensuring our wealthy could store their assets.  We hoped that our poor would stop taking free money and apply themselves, our elderly wouldn’t drain our resources, and our rich would, instead of storing funds, create more jobs.

I know it’s broke, we all know it’s a failed vision, but hopefully you can fix it.  You will need some Knights, some good people who care, if you are to have any hope.  But we now leave it to you children, our generation would rather win the argument than be right.  Be smarter than we were.  Question and evaluate.  Count on politicians less.  Rely on yourself more.  Dialogue with everyone as if they know more than you do so that you can learn.  But never internalize that they know more than you do, they don’t.  Read history, and have the courage to remove an idea from a failing vision, even if removing it may cause someone to experience trouble, hardship, and suffering.  Because it’s not about someone, it’s only about finding out what works best for Us… a man, inspired by our Creator, once died upon a cross to make this point.  Hear it.

Grab your good Knights, develop a course, and embark upon it.  Try to discover the Great Society, resume the Quest for the Holy Grail, solve the Riddle of the Sphinx… there will be some pain along the way, and God’s speed.

Yours in Faith.

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