Saving America: From Bankrupt and Broken to Solvent and Strong

$15,000,000,000,000 dollars worth of national debt… meaning a family of 5, like mine, owes over $250,000 in government debt – as does yours.  $2,500,000,000,000 of social security obligations – government’s bill to me and my children now $300,000.  And that’s before we even talk about future Welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid obligations, the burden our baby boomer’s retirements will place on the system… or the rest of it.  Our credit rating has been downgraded and soon we will be struggling to pay just the interest on the debt we’ve accumulated.  To pay our bills, we raise taxes on our employers, causing the outsourcing of jobs and the worsening of our economy.  How long are we going to proceed on this course and pretend like everything is just fine?  How long are we going to pretend that we can advance in darkness?

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” – Carl Jung
Now is the time America.  Now, 2012.  This is the year we must vote in our proper course forward – we must re-engage politically and act.  We must step outside of the Republican-Democrat box, step outside of ourselves even, and ask, “If I were that country, if I was more worried about me as a whole than about any of my individual members, if I wanted to treat my members fair but, first and foremost, ensure I was healthy for years to come and shepherd my next generation to reach their potential, what would I do?”

I recently embarked on this mission, a quest to discover the answer to this fundamental question.  I abandoned my pre-conceived biases, ideas, and opinions, threw away what I’ve heard, turned off the TV, and accepted the God-given premise that it isn’t about me, it’s about us – We the People.  Then I gathered only what I could read, learn, investigate, and determine, opened my mind to contrary viewpoints, and sought to discover the truth.  I believe that, in this process, I have re-discovered America’s Vision… and with that, our proper path forward.  I submit the following two discoveries:

1)  We are not meant to have federal government social welfare programs that tax the working to pay for others – this runs counter to our vision and is not what was intended for us.  We’re supposed to help the needy through community, charity, mentorship, and giving – not through government programs.  This is the Truth that we must all see and act upon.

2)  We are not meant to have a federal “fair” tax, where our system’s tax burden is shared equally by all – this runs counter to our Vision and is not what was intended for us.  We’re supposed to ask our wealthiest to pay a larger share of the burden and have a middle class – not a 99%-1% large wealth gap.  This is the Truth that we must all see and act upon.

Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion.” — Thomas Jefferson

My New Year’s pledge is to continue this journey and engage the political field of my beloved country –  I urge us all to do likewise for our country needs us.   I am ready to investigate and find the full story, even if the discovery of the truth reveals that I was once mistaken.

Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.” — Thomas Jefferson
We are at a crossroads in our history.  We can continue down this path toward bankruptcy and despair or we can choose a different tack, the right tack.  I believe it is time for We the People to get back into government.  Our great country needs us – our political system is broken, our debt is monstrous, and our future is dim.
Thankfully, our forefathers provided us a path out of the darkness, a constitution allowing a vote from the People.  Our path forward will not be an easy road, but it is the only one.  Most all of us will see our established standard of living decrease, but a standard realized by accumulating debt is a facade from the outset.  If you, like me, are disillusioned with the status quo, if you are looking for a solution-minded candidate to lead our nation back to solvency, if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and fix this great nation, then please join me in a quest to save America.

Yours in Faith for a better America and a better World.

Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” — Thomas Jefferson

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